How Your Blog Can Benefit From A CBD Content Writer

By Katherine Saab

It is a known fact that having a blog on your CBD business website is a necessity. Blogs are a proven element in successful online marketing strategies for any business. The benefits are often more significant for CBD businesses, therefore having a CBD content writer manage your blog might be an important game changer. Here are a few things to consider.

 CBD marketing is still restricted in many ways that other industries are not: such as placing social media ads and some other types of mass-market advertising.

Because of this, CBD businesses need to maximize their Internet marketing strategies with content creation in the form of blogs, innovative social media posts, newsletters and CBD information products.  

These projects are, obviously, time consuming and require specific skills.

Many business owners don’t have the time or expertise to consistently create content for their blog and other marketing projects. This is why an experienced CBD content writer can become a key asset for your successful CBD business blog and other marketing projects. Also, for maximum benefit your content needs to be relevant, engaging and keyword rich. Let a CBD content writer take the wheel so you can focus on all the many other areas of your successful business!

So, why is a blog such an important factor for your CBD business?

 The first answer is that it helps drive traffic to your website because it supports your SEO. Consistent, fresh, relative, and keyword rich content on your website is a proven valuable SEO strategy that, over time, delivers visitors to your website, where your products are. Once they are there, it is your informative, engaging content that keeps them there and turns them into customers.

Your blog content can be used in many other ways with marketing platforms like social media, email promotions and newsletters.

You can link your blog with enticing social media posts and drive traffic to your website and/or send out a newsletter with a blog teaser and a link to your blog (also, a great opportunity to have a special offer incentive for subscribers).

There are many ways that you can innovatively make use of your accumulated blog content, which is evergreen on your site, such as compiling a valuable CBD Information PDF product, to be given to new subscribers to your list. Those are just a few ideas that demonstrate that having a quality CBD content writer can return dividends to your overall marketing strategy. 

Your CBD website blog is the way that you can communicate directly with your customers and potential customers.

It allows you to provide valuable CBD education, product and newsworthy information and opens up an opportunity for you to build rapport and credibility with your customers. It also invites readers to engage with you and others with questions and comments.

So, if you have put off starting a blog on your CBD business website, because it just seemed too daunting, or you just couldn’t take on one more thing, just relax and go HERE and shoot a message to CBD Content Writer! She is ready, willing, able and excited  to help you jump-start that blog!

 Please share your thoughts or ask questions in the comment section below! I love hearing from you!