5 Benefits of Having a Cannabis Content Writer For Growing Your Canna, CBD Or Hemp Business

When it comes to your cannabis or CBD business website, remember ‘content is king’. That was true in the early days of Internet marketing and it certainly remains a fundamental truth today. The cannabis, CBD and hemp industries are challenging in many ways and require many creative alternatives to some aspects of traditional marketing: however, the rewards for stepping up to the challenge can be huge!

 Let’s look at 5 basic ways that your cannabis, CBD or hemp business website can benefit from having a professional cannabis content writer.

 1.) Engaging Page Content:

 Your website is your ‘Brand’, it is the visual and verbal message that represents who you are, what you are offering your audience and why they should choose your products or services. The written content must be true to your brand, relevant and also keyword rich, for SEO (search engine optimization). A professional CBD writer knows the industry and can help you create engaging page content that keeps visitors on your site long enough to explore and coming back for more.

 2.) Showcasing Your Cannabis, CBD and Hemp Products or Services:

 Cannabis, hemp and CBD product businesses require an educational approach to product representation. After all, cannabis and CBD have only been available as a natural healing and supplemental product for a relatively short time. There are also many social stigmas that need to be overcome in educating your target audience. A cannabis writer has the experience and the knowledge of the science as well as the culture to help you deliver your unique brand and product message to your audience.

3.) A Website Blog Is Essential:

The most powerful way to increase website traffic is by creating consistent content with a blog. Your blog is your opportunity to consistently add fresh content to your website. It is an opportunity to offer your audience cannabis, CBD, and hemp education, information and inspiration! Most business owners do not have the time to research and develop relevant, consistent blog posts. A cannabis, CBD and hemp writer can help you develop and maintain an engaging, educational blog that will fire up your audience and your SEO! Your blog content can also be shared on your social media channels, providing even more value and brand recognition.

 4.) Using Created Content To Build Your List:

 One of the beautiful things about creating content with a blog is that it is ‘evergreen’, meaning it continues to add value to your brand. After developing a blog with a minimum of one post a week you will be accumulating content that can be ‘re-invented’ into other kinds of content, like eBooks, that you can offer as an incentive for people to join your email list. There are many creative ways that a professional CBD content writer can help you develop content products that will increase your website traffic and customer loyalty.

5.) Reach Your Audience Directly With A Newsletter:

 Your email list is GOLDEN! These are your customers and fans that sign on to receive more information and inspiration about your products or services. . This is another opportunity to use your blog content to increase your visibility and interaction. An email newsletter is a powerful marketing tool that can be a game changer for increasing customer loyalty and sales.


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By Katherine Saab

By Katherine Saab